Differences between cilantro and parsley

Differences between cilantro and parsley

For expert people it is a very easy task, but not so for those people who don’t know a lot about aromatic or medicinal herbs! Both plants belong to the Apiaceous family, just like the celery and the fennel, but the usages are a little bit different and each one is commonly used in every part of the world.

In this article we will try differentiate them without deepening too much. Due to the quantity of properties and usages that they have we should devote a more extensive article for each one of them.

The cilantro.-



The salient features and differences with the parsley are:

  • the leaves are rather rounded (they are more commonly seen in Latin America).
  • its color is greener than the parsley.
  • the plant size reaches 70 cm in height.
  • its roots are shallower.
  • its fruits are cream colors, with ball shaped and with some citrus scent (they are more commonly seen in Europe).
  • its flowers are white-rosacea.

Forms of consumptions and uses:

  • the leaves are used in salads, soups, meats, fish...
  • and the ground nut specially as condiments and sauces (for example the indian curry).

The parsley.-


The differences with cilantro are:

  • the leaves end in a sharp tip
  • the color is greener and brighter than the cilantro.
  • the size of the plant reaches no more than 25 cm.
  • the roots grow as a tuber like carrots.
  • the tubers are also used for cooking.
  • the flowers are greenish-white.

Form of consumption and uses:

  • the leaves are used in salads, soups, meats, fish…
  • the roots are used for stews (for this reason it is always found in the markets without roots).


As for the aroma of cilantro and parsley, now you know how to distinguish the differences, because the perceptions are quite often subjective. All I can say the cilantro is perceived as having a stronger smell that parsley.

If you want to know more about cilantro click here (article in Spanish language)

I hope you liked it, and will now be able to distinguish easily!






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